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@carmap Apr 28, 22:12

Kitchen Safety: How To Stay Safe Among The Chaos - Carma's Cookery https://t.co/dqfvDliorJ

@carmap Apr 27, 21:14

Want some ideas for Killer Healthy Dessert? https://t.co/WKWdwJvcHN

@carmap Apr 27, 16:04

@authoryourbrand Thanks for the retreat! I hope my mistakes help others avoid them. :-)

@carmap Apr 26, 20:28

Online Marketing for Authors Case Study: Reverse Blog Tour Debriefing - https://t.co/taMgLfHemV via @carmap

@carmap Apr 26, 16:43

This is what we had for dinner last night. Delicious! New Orleans Wine Sauced Chicken - Carma's Cookery https://t.co/LvEiKyZ4ED

@carmap Apr 26, 01:26

Our final#HomeChef meal via https://t.co/uvTVXxAasA https://t.co/OVers4Or4t

@carmap Apr 20, 15:15

The making of a Home Chef meal via https://t.co/uvTVXxAasA https://t.co/YQ52R5hVf2

@carmap Apr 18, 14:42

Playing around with a new app via https://t.co/uvTVXxAasA https://t.co/6fuBPqwjYN

@carmap Apr 14, 18:01

Here’s an Easter menu you can use, complete with cooking times. https://t.co/tXSrJ5rNLT https://t.co/UHyPrilrLY

@carmap Apr 12, 18:07

After Easter is through, you don’t need to have another ham sandwich. https://t.co/d3OAL1NNfs https://t.co/zYpFSh41dP

@carmap Apr 10, 18:04

Who needs an oven for Easter ham when you’ve got a slow cooker! https://t.co/5E0t9a93PW https://t.co/3amK8Y4rtN

@carmap Apr 10, 15:58

I liked a @YouTube video https://t.co/RVY8ky2UlE Best Funny Music Parodies Comedy (Royce Kelly St. Louis)

@carmap Apr 07, 18:04

Want to get away from store-bought Easter egg dyes? https://t.co/G0W9K6MEIG https://t.co/skSTsJSSTC

@carmap Apr 05, 18:07

Your slow cooker can save the day this Easter. https://t.co/5gbRoNpdMK https://t.co/RreP9jLcHA

@carmap Apr 03, 18:04

Hosting Easter breakfast or brunch? Relax! https://t.co/E7uC88khMu https://t.co/DBXDYHl3bc

@carmap Mar 31, 00:20

Our new #Tastemade video features our Avocado Crab Dip! This recipe is sure to be a hit! #AFMsweepstakes -… https://t.co/DIImmbuSX5

@carmap Mar 30, 18:10

What do they say about Pie Around the Internet? https://t.co/IjgSaaPRf9 #PiePalooza17 https://t.co/NEwRa0hOeX

@carmap Mar 29, 18:24

Can pinto beans taste like pecans? https://t.co/eeSOisDdQG #PiePalooza17 https://t.co/AqWdH1NXzd

@carmap Mar 28, 18:23

Are you gluten-free? You can still eat pie! #PiePalooza17 https://t.co/AOkbl78zMR https://t.co/Aa810Z9eAc

@carmap Mar 27, 18:47

Last week of #PiePalooza17 starts with Garnish Your Pie with Panache https://t.co/X65fl9LXKe https://t.co/I4KZ7bJafD

@carmap Mar 26, 03:59

Perfect for breakfast & brunch or even a quick snack, this recipe is sure to be a crowd pleaser! #AFMsweepstakes -… https://t.co/WFDd6T7IPM

@carmap Mar 24, 19:07

Getting back to cooking again with fresh ingredients & chef-designed recipes w/ Home Chef. Get your $30 off too! https://t.co/PhxEVVEs7n

@carmap Mar 23, 16:26

Don’t let those avocados go to waste, turn them into soup! These recipes are good year round! #AFMsweepstakes -… https://t.co/47RFjLRBxZ

@carmap Mar 22, 17:24

Pies bring back memories #PiePalooza17 https://t.co/XSlqdQhT10 https://t.co/8Hqk0nYrHo

@carmap Mar 20, 23:16

Get ready to have an "Easy Easter At Home" https://t.co/oFDIAGZGrX

@carmap Mar 20, 19:43

Get creative with crumb crusts! #PiePalooza17 https://t.co/sYUImOGVVB https://t.co/6XOOCxalYN