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@carmap Dec 02, 15:22

I liked a @YouTube video from @adamlodolce https://t.co/MQ0J3zPYWe 5 Things You Can't Change in Any Man | Adam LoDolce

@carmap Nov 14, 17:12

I liked a @YouTube video https://t.co/jIPPBl0fHJ Beauty and the Beast US Official Trailer

@carmap Nov 08, 17:10

I liked a @YouTube video from @CindyAshton https://t.co/BWkFgh7QQU S1E05: "I know I am not Eating Right But I Just Can't Seem to Stop"

@carmap Nov 08, 16:06

I liked a @YouTube video from @CindyAshton https://t.co/tzCZyXKWOv S1E04: Almost Naked - Down With Body Shaming

@carmap Oct 26, 01:04

I never know what I'm going to say. So tune in to #CindyUncorked and check it out! https://t.co/wGXeZE3F7d @CindyAshton

@carmap Oct 19, 19:44

You could WIN a Getaway to Hawaii + Other Awesome Prizes! A 6,000 Value! Enter @lovewithfood's MEGA #GIVEAWAY: https://t.co/hWqsYWS2ig

@carmap Oct 19, 05:34

New food post: Product Review: Dark Chocolate Napolitains by Bouchard Chocolate https://t.co/SdrlYikTjz #carmascookery

@carmap Oct 19, 05:14

Product Review: Bouchard Chocolate: https://t.co/LG9ERwykgo via @YouTube

@carmap Oct 18, 16:06

I liked a @YouTube video https://t.co/PNqHGg4OZH Stop Wasting Hours Making Photo Books. This One Takes 1 Minute. #Chatbooks

@carmap Oct 17, 02:13

Just got some #BouchardChocolate, Belgian dark chocolate, can't wait to taste them! https://t.co/SzV62y7auL

@carmap Oct 12, 20:08

I liked a @YouTube video https://t.co/OEjTetYUBN Asking For It

@carmap Oct 12, 16:13

Just finished watching this week's #CindyUncorked -- Sexuality in the workplace? Probably not what you're thinking! https://t.co/jlb34LFf6Y

@carmap Oct 12, 16:12

I liked a @YouTube video from @CindyAshton https://t.co/9mI4OzDdjS S1E02: Sexuality in the Workplace. Appropriate or not?

@carmap Oct 10, 19:37

New food post: Launching A Gourmet Eatery: Everything That You Should Know https://t.co/zZrqqEj0gc #carmascookery

@carmap Oct 05, 21:24

What a great story! That's how I'd want to go. A 91-Year-Old Woman Died After an Incredible, Year-Long Road Trip https://t.co/BQXQTCHx2f

@carmap Oct 05, 20:33

Good stuff here: 9 Blogging Mistakes You Should Avoid https://t.co/FPyg3soyHV #Literature via @niume_official

@carmap Oct 05, 02:47

Tip: To stay in your power, don't over explain. #GetUncorked Guess I need to stop all that TMI I spout, huh? @CindyAshton

@carmap Oct 05, 02:44

Watching @CindyAshton's new show "Cindy Uncorked." What can say? Saucy! Saucy! Saucy! https://t.co/LdXel9NlTO #GetUnorked

@carmap Oct 03, 10:10

Keeping Safe for our Future: ITL LED Vest: Carma wearing the ITL LED vest.NOTE: This may seem a b... https://t.co/r8Pi8ULTon #csandcgwed

@carmap Oct 03, 01:00

ITL LED Light Reflective Safety Vest and 2 LED Slap-On Wristbands: https://t.co/pHIfhpXAZ8 via @YouTube

@carmap Sep 30, 19:43

@RyeMcKenzie I followed you because "bow ties are cool!" :-)

@carmap Sep 30, 15:22

Absolutely beautiful! And I didn't even hear the public announcement! @atlasobscura https://t.co/hAonv4zyYf

@carmap Sep 30, 04:44

New food post: Food Business: How to Run a Restaurant as a Former Chef https://t.co/ev3DepuxPY #carmascookery

@carmap Sep 28, 23:22

3 of 5 stars to Dead Reckoning by Charlaine Harris https://t.co/NovdErV9m7

@carmap Sep 28, 19:30

Need to find some virtual help? Want to provide some virtual help. Check out Moonlighting: https://t.co/r7jw6rLk47

@carmap Sep 28, 18:24

Meet the Wedding Party: Carma Spence, The Bride: What They Say About The Wedding Staring Carma an... https://t.co/6qukNDMfUQ #csandcgwed

@carmap Sep 27, 22:18

I just received this sample glow vest. Love it! Will keep me safe when crossing the street at night. #ITLLEDVesthttps://t.co/duW9FmJ07u

@carmap Sep 27, 21:23

Celebrate Hispanic Heritage month with @AvosFromMexico and @TABASCO #avofiesta #sweeps - https://t.co/C7hKtzp1cF https://t.co/hyPR3LMzAG

@carmap Sep 24, 00:19

You’re three steps away from perfect guac! Learn more. #tastiesttailgate #sweeps - https://t.co/rI7KDUsdu0 https://t.co/tb6Fhhebdg

@carmap Sep 21, 20:46

Meet the Wedding Party: Christopher Gildemeister, Groom: What They Say About The Wedding Staring ... https://t.co/VYSyKvdJaN #csandcgwed