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@carmap Jan 20, 22:39

Become an Ambassador for Avocados from Mexico. Click here to sign up https://t.co/xuZ9CZH13b

@carmap Jan 20, 22:38

Download this beautiful FREE Avo recipe e-book. #AvoebookSweepstakes #AvoSecrets - https://t.co/YzCyfI74u3 https://t.co/HPoGgt9zgQ

@carmap Jan 20, 17:44

Today I learned how to protect myself from identity fraud. Day 19: #Liverichercredit https://t.co/szg3FcGaKF via @thebudgetnista

@carmap Jan 17, 17:26

Today, I learned what a (credit) soft pull & hard pull are. Day 15: #Liverichercredit https://t.co/2RD6hLL6FU via @thebudgetnista

@carmap Jan 17, 02:23

Yummy Low-FODMAP snack bars - Taste Test: Happy Bars - https://t.co/jkwRbu5GJ6

@carmap Jan 17, 01:06

The best guide to making changes in your life I've ever read! Book Review: Make Your SHIFT - https://t.co/ZmmeyLf78J via @carmap

@carmap Jan 14, 14:47

You ARE good enough...right now! - The Expert Enough Manifesto – Expert Enough https://t.co/3vyNBv9WbI via @ExpertEnough

@carmap Jan 14, 14:18

You can make excuses or make moves. Not both. - #Liverichercredit https://t.co/H4Zt9X5tLk via @thebudgetnista

@carmap Jan 14, 01:53

@PhoebeRoseWood I'd love to contact you about your book "The Pie Project" - pls email editor@carmascookery.com

@carmap Jan 13, 15:34

Change can be tough. But the only alternative is eventual obsolescence. https://t.co/akyzPipARW via @michaelhyatt

@carmap Jan 10, 21:12

This is what I like to see! https://t.co/j7f9LNYb84

@carmap Jan 10, 20:32

I'm ready to build a better email marketing strategy with AWeber's 2017 #EmailMasterClass. Enroll today for free: https://t.co/T86apMtt7o

@carmap Jan 10, 15:19

Rise and Shine: A Healthy Start to the Day | Avocados From Mexico https://t.co/mBJHNCq7na via @AvosfromMexico

@carmap Jan 10, 15:17

Check out these breakfast recipes that use avocados for extra nutrient power! #afmsweepstakes -… https://t.co/YN5br5j5Eo

@carmap Jan 09, 22:00

Too hot for me, but could be right for your game day: https://t.co/lW1WOOtbF2

@carmap Jan 09, 19:12

Today I learned how to clean up my credit report! Day 8: #Liverichercredit https://t.co/7ZQkwQXiSx via @thebudgetnista

@carmap Jan 09, 16:23

Sometimes is a game of "Find the Cat" - Charming Portraits of Hong Kong’s Shop Cats @atlasobscura https://t.co/ShsIrvEAcs

@carmap Jan 07, 02:54

Find out how avocados are a nutritional powerhouse! #afmsweepstakes - https://t.co/YojlRi7mNH https://t.co/UsyCTf7dlT

@carmap Jan 06, 18:40

Become an Ambassador for Avocados from Mexico. Click here to sign up https://t.co/xuZ9CZppEB

@carmap Jan 06, 18:29

Book Review: Life Through Lasagna Eyes - https://t.co/H0J7D1F6Jz via @carmap

@carmap Jan 06, 15:34

Today I learned how my credit score is calculated. Woot Woot! Day 5: #Liverichercredit https://t.co/bJKgAbrFXJ @thebudgetnista

@carmap Jan 06, 14:16

1 of 5 stars to Life Through Lasagna Eyes by Samantha Kendall https://t.co/1T51TVwaLx

@carmap Jan 04, 21:53

Ready for the big game? Tips for Greener Tailgating - https://t.co/PxjKRa1B1H

@carmap Jan 04, 19:51

Be Waffle House - great advise from @CindyAshton https://t.co/2OgJvhQSNy

@carmap Jan 03, 19:12

I'm #reading Life Through Lasagna Eyes by Samantha Kendall https://t.co/1T51TVwaLx

@carmap Jan 03, 17:48

Wow. @jonmorrow really knows how to find a silver lining! https://t.co/IZ1x33F87H

@carmap Jan 02, 23:05

I read The Illustrated Man by Ray Bradbury https://t.co/IlRBDYWNFp

@carmap Jan 02, 17:21

Today I will write down and share my credit goals. Day 1: #Lrccredit https://t.co/lYOJcEJgoz via @thebudgetnista

@carmap Jan 01, 22:52

Interesting information: Want to Be Super Successful? Science Says Do Any 1 of These 10 Things @jeff_haden https://t.co/bF3a5BCpof via @Inc

@carmap Jan 01, 00:30

I read Doctor Who by Justin Richards https://t.co/REU3AbZ5uC