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@carmap Feb 21, 19:36

Millennials more likely to use meal delivery and planning services? https://t.co/MxPnq36IqI https://t.co/gNltwTNVqb

@carmap Feb 20, 17:27

Not a writer? You can still write content for your biz' blog: https://t.co/nCZnEGzmVZ https://t.co/UxgPNAs2Aq

@carmap Feb 20, 16:42

Check out my interview with Sunday's Chef founders: https://t.co/r3Whei5AAq https://t.co/KpHHC0lOLO

@carmap Feb 20, 16:29

Check out these nutritious avocado snack options. They are quick AND delicious! #afmsweepstakes -… https://t.co/Kk6pblqkiK

@carmap Feb 19, 19:53

Two Long Beach women build food businesses. https://t.co/KrX9PHraHG https://t.co/dXg5maQk05

@carmap Feb 17, 19:50

Want a healthy, tasty meal for the family that's less than $10? Read on! https://t.co/tuSBYuG7eW https://t.co/ZXMX0Epzko

@carmap Feb 17, 14:28

Loved this book! Can't wait to try more recipes! https://t.co/njSPwrnXSq

@carmap Feb 16, 22:13

Like exotic snacks? Try these out: https://t.co/Pl7ZJMF15s https://t.co/KNWNx4uNsu

@carmap Feb 15, 21:24

Look no further! Check out this incredible recipe for dark chocolate avocado brownies. #afmsweepstakes -… https://t.co/p5ZFrkmm14

@carmap Feb 15, 16:34

Getting ready for #piepalooza2017. Looking for pie cookbook authors. PM me if that's you! https://t.co/ETYiagyFzq

@DalynMillerPR Feb 15, 14:55

Romantic #Valentines dinner? How about @amyriolo and her Italian #Diabetes #cookbook? #review from @carmaphttps://t.co/3aSk0n4YsN

@carmap Feb 14, 16:54

I'll be at @therisetothetop's "How to create webinars that sell" webinar. Check it out: https://t.co/1qDjG2qn4I

@carmap Feb 12, 23:48

Here are our top reasons for loving avocados as much as we do. #afmsweepstakes - https://t.co/NKgEHjJo19 https://t.co/WdL9OPObaC

@carmap Feb 12, 07:27

Want to improve your health? Try these 6 tips: https://t.co/RIBbqZ46rY https://t.co/6RGhJEhNhp

@carmap Feb 12, 07:22

Would you care for a spot of tea? (Cookbook Review on Carma's Cookery): https://t.co/7v2hE2PZOF https://t.co/42J4plpyue

@carmap Feb 08, 21:17

Equip your kitchen with these 7 tools to stay thin and healthy: https://t.co/mfK4cc9PMO

@carmap Feb 07, 18:01

Taste Test on Carma's Cookery: Nocciolata - https://t.co/z6z2QaGrL5 https://t.co/sOjjLYIPoZ

@carmap Feb 06, 18:22

Create your "power hour" first thing in the morning! https://t.co/dxx6kgMYfg https://t.co/cAKlMSGPcj

@carmap Feb 06, 18:11

My latest cookbook review: The Italian Diabetes Cookbook - https://t.co/DBL0XwijWu https://t.co/aFEk8uvWjW

@carmap Feb 06, 17:52

Attitude is everything! Check out my post on the Women Network blog. https://t.co/HChMu5i4J8 https://t.co/UOjem7u4o3

@carmap Feb 03, 20:03

Check out what I think about mini-popcorn: https://t.co/ZI3npn5DQr https://t.co/0Gxcia9haf

@carmap Feb 02, 20:25

Make you baking dollars stretch! https://t.co/t8aw8CZTIv https://t.co/sNzb1LHvEC

@carmap Feb 01, 21:02

The first story in my "Own Your Awesome Manifesto" movement has posted in the Long Beach Gazette!… https://t.co/ppNG80q4Z2

@carmap Jan 26, 17:05

My latest book review: The Six O'Clock Scramble Meal Planner - https://t.co/PrgsMrSW4K

@carmap Jan 26, 14:23

"Life's roughest storms prove the strength of our anchors." - Anonymous

@carmap Jan 25, 16:09

Check out these greens I tried. Taste test on Carma's Cookery: https://t.co/WMhLU4s1W9https://t.co/jVe6nzox4d

@carmap Jan 24, 17:57

Want to start eating "clean"? https://t.co/BZnnydWIwj https://t.co/8jibGbblhf

@carmap Jan 24, 15:18

I liked a @YouTube video from @adamlodolce https://t.co/6loHvBnQ9V 8 Signs of a Toxic Relationship | James M Sama